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MLS 25: Lion's New Away Strip Unveiled

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

*Photo credit Orlando City Soccer Club

Last night the grand unveiling of the MLS 25 primary and secondary jerseys took place at Radio City Hall in New York City. In total 26 kits were on show, with expansion sides Nashville and Inter Fort Lauderdale set to reveal their second kits in the near future (they each revealed one).

It's fair to say Lion's jerseys have split opinions over recent years. Overall, Orlando City efforts in terms of the away jerseys have been pretty poor so far. My personal favourite was the 2018-2019 strip. I have to say, however, I am a fan of this year's jersey. The purple sun is a nice touch, and compliments the white template very well. It's also very fitting, for a team from the sunshine state. That said I'm a bit disappointed it doesn't depict a purple lion's mane, as several of the leaks seemed to be suggesting. I was a little concerned the three stripes were going to look a bit tacky (they were always going to be included somewhere, this is Adidas after all).

The photos also show the new MLS numbering and lettering, which I think is tastefully done. It's a unique style without being too out there. I also love that the state outline icon is back. When you centrally contract a specific kit supplier to a whole league, there is always the chance that all the kits look a bit samey (ahem, the NFL). And whilst there is a standard template, touches like this ensure that each kit is at least a little unique. I'm also a big fan of the MLS logo being included in the shirt numbers (as below). Again, it's just something a little different (this coming from a Nottingham Forest fan-the EFL NEVER changes its numbering and lettering).

Overall, I'm a big fan of this kit. Now, if you'll excuse me, where did I leave my wallet?


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