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Interview With Kate Howarth

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

In the latest of our interview series, I had the chance to catch up with Kate Howarth, the former New England Mutiny striker who featured for the Orlando Pride during the 2020 NWSL Fall Series. Kate spoke about her aspirations to play soccer, professionally, growing up, proving the doubters wrong and what it was like to suit up alongside Marta...

You featured for the Pride during the 2020 NWSL Fall Series. How did you find that experience overall?

It was a great experience overall. It’s a very professionally run organization, and the staff really try to put you in the best position for players to succeed.

What was it like to share a field with Marta, the greatest of all time?

Marta was amazing. She is very easy to speak to and she really wants to help players become better. She was always willing to take me aside and do extra work with me and things like that. She is special, an amazing human and player.

How did you find being coached by Marc Skinner? He is well known for trying to play attacking, expansive soccer so I bet it was easy to learn a lot.

I really liked Marc. He is really, really soccer smart coach. He knows the game so well. And he is so specific and finds all the little things that make big differences. I really think he helped me get better as a player.

How do you feel the experience with the Pride, benefitted you as a player?

The Pride was a really good place to improve. I had a lot of great resources to get better as a player, the coaches and the (other) players. When I went, I spoke to Marc about wanting to improve and get better as a player and the only way to do that is to be around players that are better than you, and have them willing to help you get better.

Did you always have aspirations to play soccer as a youngster? If so who inspired you the most, who was your favourite player growing up?

Yes growing up I always wanted to play! I remember in 7th grade I said I wanted to become a professional player and the teacher said girls can’t really do that you need to pick a different career. Haha, I wish I could go back and speak to her now! I loved Mia Hamm’s ability to score goals. Even if not pretty, she found ways to win games for her team. And I always loved that.

In terms of the Pride dressing room, who are the big characters from what you saw? Who is the funniest?

Syd (LeRoux) is hilarious. We played together in Boston, and we were much younger then too. But she is awesome and always has fun!

You've had a solid career in soccer, playing for the Boston Breakers and the New England Mutiny as well as the Pride. What advice would you give to any young girls who have aspirations to play soccer at the pro level?

I would just say to grind and never ever give up. It takes a lot of hard work. Like a lot. And a lot of days it will be hard. And difficult. And challenging. But never get discouraged. All the challenges will make you better players and better people, more equipped to succeed. Self belief is the most important thing you can have.

And finally, what does the future hold for yourself right now?

Not really sure what the future holds at the moment. After the fall I needed to take some time off and let my body rest and spend some time with my family, and try to make a smart educated decision for what’s next for me. But I’m just grateful for having the time in Orlando. I loved it and will never forget it. I appreciate Marc and his belief in me.


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