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  • Writer's pictureDan Berridge

Analysis: NYCFC (a). More Misery For Orlando City At Yankee Stadium.

It was more of the same in the big apple as far as Orlando City were concerned. More defensive errors which ultimately led to a 9th defeat of the season for Oscar Pareja's side.

Mathematically speaking, the club's play off chances are more than alive. But the very fact that we're only 3 points from the foot of the Eastern Conference table says it all. Depending on results over the rest of the weekend, Orlando could be bottom by Monday.

This team looks like a team that has lost all belief in what it's trying to achieve.

Their body language, the lack of intensity all over the park... They have the look of a team that no longer believes in its leader. They look a team that has had all of the fight sucked from it. New York City cut through the Orlando City defence like it was a bunch of High Republic Jedi in The Acolyte.

It was yet another pathetic performance.

I just can't comprehend how this team has been so underwhelming this season. It's night and day from last season. Well, I should say the second half of last season. All of the fight, determination and spirit has washed away. In its place there seems to be a lethargy permeated by a distinct lack of desire.

Midfield deficiencies

Both Nico Lodeiro and Cesar Araújo were awful in the Bronx. Both were well off the pace, which we saw with the first goal (figure 1). Lodeiro was dispossessed, after switching off in possession and Araújo's recovery attempt had all the intensity of a lazy Sunday morning in Cocoa Beach.

Figure 1 shows NYCFC's opening goal.

Both players had strong pass completion rates; 84% and 93%respectively, but had only 14 passes into the final third between them. They weren't progressing the ball enough. The disconnect between the both of them and the attackers was huge. Araújo's primary function is to offer protection to the backline, yet he only won 1 tackle in the entire game.

They were both very sluggish, second to loose balls... As were most of their teammates in fairness. NYCFC outmatched us in pretty much every major defensive characteristic. Yet we were the ones chasing the game from the 15th minute onwards. It's just not good enough. It's not acceptable to just limply accept defeat. The 4th goal summed everything up. Araújo should be dropped for that play alone. He gave up. Orlando gave up. It's not good enough because, make no mistake, that's what happened here.

Figure 2 shows Orlando's (right) key defensive statistics vs NYCFC.

Martín Ojeda

One of very few players to come out of this game with any credit. I've been calling for the Argentine to start for a little while now. But I can almost guarantee he will be scapegoated next week by Oscar Pareja. His clever little dink to Dagur Dan Þórhallsson breathed life into the Lion's otherwise insipid performance.

Ojeda was very positive, constantly looking to make things happen. He was in the thick of the action as far as Orlando City's attack was concerned. He created 2 chances, had 3 total shots and completed 84% of his passes (figure 3). With many of those taking place in the final third. He also did his level best to make things happen in deeper positions (figure 4).

It's just a shame most of his teammates couldn't match his endeavour.

Figure 3 shows Ojeda's key statistics.

Figure 4 shows Ojeda's pass positioning matrix.

Top player

Martín Ojeda

He and McGuire were the only two outfield players who looked like they gave a shit to be brutally honest.

Player ratings

Starting XI

Stajduhar -7- Hope he's OK, as that looked a nasty injury.

Þórhallsson -6- Well taken goal but shaky aside from that.

Jansson -5- Awful.

Schlegel -5- Terrible.

Santos -4- Horrendous positioning.

Lodeiro -3- Shocking performance.

Araújo -4- Diabolical.

Torres -6- Anonymous in the first half.

Ojeda -7- Our best player on the night.

Angulo -5- Horrendous.

McGuire -7- Nothing to work with and still scored.


Ortega -6- Difficult to judge.

Kocevski -7- Looked OK.

Smith -6- Shored things up a little.

Muriel -5- Did nothing.

Lynn -6- Came in late.


Orlando City SC Head Coach Oscar Pareja

“It was a game with two different halves. It was unacceptable the way we played in the first half, and I take that responsibility first in the way we came up in those first 30 minutes. The second half was much better, and I thought it was more the team that we wanted to see. The reaction was very good from our players. We could have tied the game, but at the end in the last play of the game, they scored their fourth goal. I stay with that the reaction from our players was more ourselves and we just try to continue with that energy. Like I said, the first half, it was unacceptable.”

*All statistics courtesy of Fotmob and

Top player image and cover image courtesy of Orlando City SC.

Media availability and b-roll footage courtesy of Orlando City SC.


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