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  • Writer's pictureDan Berridge

Analysis: Columbus Crew (h). More Pain For Orlando.

It just wasn't our night at all. Orlando created a whole host of chances, but couldn't apply the finishing touch.

No such problem for the Crew. Diego Rossi was in majestic form and took both of his goals with aplomb.

If we're being honest, though... The Crew could have had more. Our defence was butter to their hot knife. We played well going forward but we wilted at the back.

We just can't seem to get it all together this season

On another day Orlando win this game fairly comfortably. They created 6 big chances on the night. But didn't take them. Orlando have to find a way to put all facets of their game together. We're now 14 games into the season. We're fast approaching the halfway marker.

If we don't do it soon, we'll be left behind. The questions regarding Oscar Pareja's leadership will then only intensify.

Missed chances

Orlando created plenty of opportunities. Fotmob chalked them up as having six high quality chances (figure 1). Even with Facu Torres at LWB. We just couldn't take them; Luis Muriel, Nico Lodeiro and Jack Lynn all missed high quality chances to get us on the board. The final finish was just lacking. You have to wonder if the outcome would have been different had Duncan McGuire featured.

But this is one of the issues I have. Jack Lynn is OK, but there's a huge drop off from McGuire there. Muriel, who arguably had his best game for the Lions, isn't a centre forward in the traditional sense. And we know we are likely to lose McGuire this summer. It might not be to Blackburn Rovers, but there's plenty of interest from Europe there. Keeping him is unlikely, even in the wake of the club's offer of a new contract. Then we have no centre forward.

So, who's going to score the goals? Our top scorer is McGuire on 5. The next top scorer? Muriel and Lynn are tied for 2.

2. Two. Dos. Deux. Zwei. Orlando are ranked 25th for goals scored with 15. It's honestly pathetic.

Meanwhile, look below for the rest of the league's top scorers (figure 2).

It's poor planning. Again. The summer window opens soon, and we're going to need two strikers at least. Regardless, yet again, we're playing catch up.

Figure 1 shows some key attacking statistics for both teams (Orlando, left).

Figure 2 shows the top 5 MLS goalscorers.

Defensive frailties

I will refer back to poor planning for the season. The defence has not been reinforced at all. We lost Antonio Carlos in the winter and we bought in David Brekalo. Apart from that, the depth at centre back is still non-existent. We have to play Rodrigo Schlegel, who himself is a calamity, alongside a central midfielder just to get the shape right. Personally I'd feel a lot better with Kyle Smith instead of Schlegel.

But it's the same issue. There's no depth. Why haven't we addressed this? The back 3 could not live with Rossi, at all. Whilst we limited them to 12 shots they still carved out 4 big chances and mustered a higher XG (figure 1). As much as we could have scored 3 or 4, so could they. The lack of awareness from all 3 central defenders when Rossi ghosted into the area unabated was laughable.

It's a huge concern.

We have to get better at both ends of the pitch.

Top player

Luis Muriel

Muriel was very energetic and showed some genuine touches of class. He was beating players, playing clever passes, but he left his shooting boots only forcing the keeper into one save. He looked bright, but he needs more from his supporting cast.

Player ratings

Starting XI

Gallese -6- Nothing he could do about either goal.

Brekalo -6- Was poor.

Cartagena -6- Poor but he is out of position.

Schlegel -6- Ugh.

Angulo -6- Offered little.

Araujo -6- Completely overrun.

Torres -7- Had a few moments.

Lodeiro -7- Got into good positions.

Þórhallsson -6- Not great.

Muriel -7- Was bright.

Lynn -6- Worked hard but missed a key chance.


Santos -6- A LWB. But no, let's put our best player there.

Felipe -6- Unremarkable.

Enrique -5- How is he not getting to that cross?

Ojeda -6- Must be wondering what the fuck he's doing here.


Orlando City SC Head Coach Oscar Pareja

“Well, [we’re] frustrated with the game and the result. We did not create that sensation or put those things together in the game. But when you see the game, I thought we had the chances to find it and we couldn't score. They [Columbus] had some and the others I don't want to get deeper into. A lot of moments that frustrated us from decisions. That’s what we’re feeling right now, but the effort was there. The first half was very organized. We had a plan on conceding the space [to Columbus] and trying to use it, but we were not decisive on finishing and the PK [came] on a very difficult play. We couldn’t understand it. In the second half, we looked more unorganized. We were not as sharp collectively as the first half and we ended up giving up the second goal but lowered the frequency where we could have so many chances to score.”

*All statistics courtesy of Fotmob.

Top player image and cover image courtesy of Orlando City SC.

Media availability and b-roll footage courtesy of Orlando City SC.


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