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Ad Astra Kit Revealed

At the risk of sounding like a total cheeseball (you shouldn't be surprised anymore) the new Orlando Pride jersey is out of this world. Literally. Everything about the reveal was enthralling, inventive and original. I mean, they literally jetted the jersey into space. That has to be a world, or galaxy, first. Right? The reveal represented an exceptionally nonconformist approach to soccer jersey marketing and, as far as our bank balances are concerned, was incredibly altruistic. It's almost as if they want us to file for bankruptcy. This jersey is a thing of beauty.

In case you can't tell, I'm a fan of this jersey. The design breaks from the norm, without straying too far from Orlando's famous purple. As with the Thick N Thin Jersey, the black and purple contrast one another well. The jersey's two main colours are knitted together perfectly with a diamond pattern fade. The stars ultimately bring the theme of this jersey to the foreground, reflecting the truly bohemian nature of this kit. The jersey is also a perfect nod to Central Florida and the Space Coast, particularly the innovative and inspiring women who drive NASA and their work.

The only drawback, and this is nothing new for NWSL jerseys, is the iron on crest. I feel like the iron on crests are a lazy design feature. Alas, this isn't something specific to this jersey. That being said, it's impossible not to love everything about this effort. It's authentic and snappy. I'm also intrigued by the introduction of the black shorts and socks. It's a deviation from tradition but one that works with the overall aesthetic and colour scheme of the kit.

What are your thoughts about this jersey and the reveal? Let us know via the usual channels.

*Jersey images courtesy of Orlando Pride (@ORLPride on Twitter).


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